• Every pupil is expected to be punctual and regular at all classes and school functions. Pupils must be present in the school premises 5 minutes before the commencement of the school hours.
  • Late comers are liable to be sent home. They will be marked absent, even if they be allowed to attend classes.
  • Every pupil is expected to be present when the school re – opens.
  • If any serious reason a pupil cannot attend school for more than 3 days consecutively, the Principal should be informed.
  • A leave note should be submitted for every absence from school. Those who fail to comply with this rule may not allowed to join classes.
  • All leave applications should bear the signature of parents or in their absence the signature of the guardian .Failure to bring such an application for leave makes the student Liable to be sent home.
  • Application for medical leave for more than 3 days should be accompanied with a medical certificate from doctor who is MBBS and a registered medical practioner. If this leave continues for more than seven days, the Principal must be intimated.
  • No child suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases should be sent.
  • A student who is irregular to classes due to feast, marriage celebrations, trips, visits to relation and places and frequent late comers will be asked to discontinue. Extension of vacation without sanction by the Principal is not permitted.
  • Parents /guardians should fill in the “leave of absence record” when their son/ward comes back to school.
  • Participation and attendance in the national festivals, like Independence Day and Republic Day is a must. Every pupil must take part in school game is an other activities unless declared physically unfit by medical certificate or exempted by the Principal.
  • Pupils are not permitted to leave the school the school premises during school hours without the written permission of the principal.
  • Parents /guardians or visitors are not allowed to interview pupils or teachers during school hours without the written permission of the Principal. Hence parents /guardians are advices to meet teachers only by prior appointment.

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